Why come to a workshop at Teaching Tools for Tots?


As an experienced teacher and faciliator of over 20 years and a mother of two young children, I understand the importance of setting a solid foundation in the early stages of a child's life.  I am passionate about giving parents, carers and educators simple, fun and effective tools and ideas to help educate and instil a love of learning in young children.



My Story

After being asked numerous questions from my playgroup about how they could help their toddler with learning, I invited them all to a workshop.  The feedback was so positive that I decided to share the knowledge and skills I gained over my many years of teaching with other mums, carers and educators.  Therefore Teaching Tools for Tots was formed.


As an Educator


Over the past 17+ years I have taught Kindergarten to Year 6 in the Catholic, Public and Independent School Systems.  I have also taught university students at Notre Dame University for 3 years.  Here I have taught a range of subjects including 'Emerging Numeracy' and 'Literacy in the Early Years' to students, studying Early Childhood and Primary Education. This made me more aware of the importance of setting a solid foundation in the first five years.  It also made me realise how much of an impact educators as well as parents and carers have on children's learning.

Currently I am curriculum coordinator at a PreKindy to Year 6 Primary School.  As part of my role I have been involved in the implementation of a reading program for struggling readers and assist teachers with programming.  I am up to date with the new syllabuses and spend time liaising with teachers, giving a range of strategies and ideas on how to develop reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematical skills across the school.  I also spend time in the classroom assisting teachers and teaching some lessons. 


As a Mum


My two children are my biggest inspiration for setting up Teaching Tools for Tots.  My daughter is eight years old and in Year Three and my son is seven years old and in Year One.  Both children are unique and learn so differently.  I hope their creativity and curiosity about the world around them as well as their thirst for knowledge and love of learning continues on into their future.  


July 2018




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Merryn Develyn

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